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Founder Trustee

Managing Trustee- From 20/11/1984 to 26/04/2003

Chairman - From 29/04/2004 onwards

Smt. Meeratai Lad is a Founder Trustee from 20/11/1984 and Managing Trustee from 26/04/2003 onwards till today. Smt. Meeratai , is chairperson of Rajeev- Rajan Lad Trust , born in 1932 , is still active even at age of 82 yrs.
She is an Arts Graduate and also completed her B. Ed . She was in teaching line at ‘ Chikitsak Samooh High School & Mahila Ashram High School in Mumbai.
She was very much influnenced by her mother’s ethical principles of life and also by the principles of Sevadal movement. From her yong age she was keen to contribute in social work for needy pepole . She came across the institute namely ‘ Kushtharog Nivaran Samiti ’at Panvel , working in eradication of kushtharog i.e. leprasy and also rehabiliation of the leprasy patients . This Samiti is situated at Shantivan , Nere , Panvel, Near Mumbai. As on today Smt. Meeratai is the Chairperson of the Samiti . She has worked in various departments of ‘ Kushtharog Nivaran Samiti’and handelled new projects of samiti sucessfully.
She left her teaching job after sudden and untimely sad demise of her twin children Rajeev and Rajan in their early twenties. After this loss she eventually plunged into the social work.
Around us, we come across many people , who face such trajedy , like that of Smt. Meeratai faced, eventually collapse psychologically and never come out of it or even do not try to come out of the tragic situation . But Smt. Meeratai faced this situation very bravely and differently and stood firmly to carry out social work , she wanted to do.
This situation gave birth to Rajeev- Rajan Lad Trust , formed in the memory of these two children in 1984. ‘Rajeev - Rajan Adharghar’, under this trust carries out its work for the dependent paitents regardless of their age.
At the age of 82yrs. , Smt. Meeratai still works whole heartedly and with full dedication . She meets all pepole visiting the adharghar and also gives moral support to all inmates in Rajeev - Rajan Adharghar at Shantivan, Nere, Panvel and Khairewadi, Pune.
She always inspires us and gives valuable practical advice to carry out the mission. Her devotion towards the social work is well acknowledged by the media i.e. Newspapers like Loksatta , Maharashtra Times and also by Zee TV and Etv Marathi.

Founder Trustee

From 20/11/1984 to onwards

Shri Sitaram Radhakrishna Lad is a Founder Trustee from 20/11/1984 and still working at the age of 84 yrs.
He , born in 1931 , at Vengurle, Kokan, Maharashtra .He completed his graduation in Commerce and also pursuaded his Company Secreteriate course. He worked as a Company Secretory , with ‘Air India’ . He also went abroad ( Zambia) on deputation by Air India. He retired from Air India in 1989.
After untimely and sad demise of his twin children Rajeev- and Rajan in their early twenties , he came out of the sudden blow , only because of his strong and firm faith in teaching of his beloved Guru, Gurudev Ranade. Being the desciple , he was very much active in spreading Gurudev Ranade’s spiritual message by printing and distributing the books, written by Gurudev Ranade.
Inspired by the thoughts of Gurudev Ranade , he also wanted to start some social work. After sad demise of his twin children, he formed ‘ Rajeev- Rajan Lad Trust, intheir name; with the help and full support of his wife , Smt. Meeratai
After retirement till today , he is active in raising funds for the trust and also giving valuable guidance for the new project of the trust at Khairewadi, Shirur , Pune .

Founder Trustee & Chairman

From 20/11/1984 to 29/04/2004

He was better known as ‘ Bhai Sakhalkar’ . He was born on 12/01/1923 in Shivane Village, Konkan, Maharashtra. His school education was in Rajapur. He passed S. S. C. Exam in 1941. Bhai , as we call him was graduate in Arts (B. A.)He participated in freedom struggle, so his education was not at one place, but was in Kolhapur, Ratnagiri and Mumbai. He completed his M. A. at Pune University.
Freedom fighter Nanasaheb Gore and Annasaheb Sahastrabuddhe persuaded Bhai to appear for I. A. S. exam. It was the first such, I. A. S. examination conducted at that time after independence. Though he was not eligible for the exam according to the age limit, being a freedom fighter, he was allowed to appear for the examination of I. A. S. Bhai passed the exam with flying colours.
As an I. A. S. officer, Bhai worked in the Income Tax Office in Mumbai and retired as an Income Tax Commissioner in 1982.
He was Founder Trustee and Chairman of the trust from 20/11/1984 to 29/04/2004.
He gave valuable guidance in the financial and legal aspects of the trust. He worked for the trust till 29/4/04. After retirement from the board of trustees of the Trust, he used to attend the trust meetings only to guide and encourage the newcomers in the trust. He passed away in Nov. 2014. But his guidance in various aspects of the trust will be always with us.

Founder Trustee

From 20/11/1984 to 26/04/2003

Late Mr. Zantye was born on 20/3/1927 in Vengurle, Maharashtra. His education was in Vengurle. Because of family burden and financial problem, at the age of 17 yrs, he came to Mumbai in search of work. First he worked as a clerk with the owner of a hotel for some time.
In 1945, he got a chance to work in Bombay Book Depot, very well known book shop situated in Girgaon, Mumbai at that time. He worked there for 42 yrs and retired in 1987.
In Bombay Book Depot, he worked in various different departments. He looked after the sale of books; purchase maintenance of the books, management of the store and also propagation and marketing of variety of books. He took keen interest in arranging book exhibition at various places in Kokan like Vengurle, Sawantwadi , Malvan , Alibag, Dehli, besides Mumbai.
During early 70’s, there were no computers and search engines like Google, were not available for higher studies and research work. Everybody had to rely on various imported books only for reference. He also helped many students, researcher workers and also common readers by providing full information about the imported books and made available these books, they wanted to read. He was ever ready to order and make available the books as per the demand and requirement at minimum cost . He also used to furnish the list of the books, published during the year to the Libraries and also to various Institutions.
Even after retirement he was very much enthusiastic to visit book exhibition, publication ceremony to the books and also saaih%ya saMmaolanao.
During his tenure with the Bombay Book Depot, Mr. Zantye was well known and one of the best and ideal bookseller at that time , At the age of 75 yrs.,he was felicitated by ‘ Mangeshrao Narayan Kulkarni Puraskar and Manapatra. This honor was given to him by Late Shri Jayant Salgaonkar , then president of Keshav Bhikaji Dhavale Centenary Mahostav Samiti on 10/12/2002.
He was founder trustee of Rajeev- Rajan Lad Trust and was very much active in the work of the trust till 26/4/2003. During his tenure as a trustee he always guided the members whole heartedly in the various aspects of the trust. He passed away in 2003 but he will be always remembered for his contagious smile, his soft spokenness and also for his very kind gesture towards all people who came in contact with him

Founder Trustee

From 20/11/1984 to 04/12/2009

Late Mr. Vitthal Ghotge was born in December 1932, at Vengurle , Maharashtra , passed out from V. J. T. I. Mumbai as L. M. E. (Licensee in Mechanical Engineering.) He worked on the top Managerial post in IBP. (Indo Burma Petroleum co.)
He was a very good sportsman and played various games like table – tennis, badmington, cricket at intercollegiate level and also Inter Oil Companies tournaments during his service. He was felicitated on ‘the Best Cricketer’ in the Inter Oil Company tournaments.
He has played a major role in constructing and starting Rajeev- Rajan Adharghar at Panvel and as on today, Adharghar at Panvel gives support to 65 inmates.

Managing trustee

From 26/04/2003 -onwards

SHRI VISHNU GOVIND PRABHUDESAI Born on 27/4/1950 is associated with Rajeev-Rajan Lad Trust since 2003 as the Managing Trustee. Because of financial problems and family constraints ,after passing S. S. C. he could not pursue college studies.But this situation did not deter him from doing social work. He was very much influenced by his mother’s principles and also of Sevadal movement which drive him towards doing social work. He is working as a social worker with Kushtharog Nivaran Samiti, Shantivan , Nere Panvel. He is also associated with Nirmitee Gramin Vikas Sanstha , Pali, since 1990 and today he is Managing Trustee of Kushtharog Nivaran Samiti Shantivan, Nere Panvel.
His vast experience, working as a social worker for so many years is the biggest asset for the functioning of the Rajeev- Rajan Lad Trust. He is always ready to guide the trust in financial,legal aspects and also about day to day activities of the trust.


From 23/09/2011 onwards

Smt. Supriya Vishwas Ghotge is working as a trustee at Rajeev-Rajan Lad trust from 23/09/2011. She gives guidance in practical things required in day to day working of Adharghar.
Both children are married and well settled in their lives,she has shown keen interest in social work,and contributes in the working of Rajeev- Rajan Lad Trust.
She is an expert in cooking and as a hobby,she conducted cookery classes at her home in Ville Parle, Mumbai for nearly one decade after marriage.


From 29/04/2004 to onwards

He is born on 20/3/1951 in Thane, Mumbai. He completed his school education in Pune. He passed out Chemical Engineering from U. D. C. T., Mumbai in 1973.
Immediately after that he started his own business under the guidance of his elder brother and other partners. After working in the various departments of the business for 36 yrs., with the inclination for the social work, he firstly contributed towards the renovation work of the existing Rajeev- Rajan Lad Adharghar, Shantivan, Nere, Panvel in 2006. He is working as a trustee in Rajeev- Rajan Lad Trust from 29/4/2004.
He also played a major role in setting the new branch of Niramay Adharghar and Niramay Dispensary, at Khairewadi, near Shikrapur , Pune Nagar Road.


Girish Ramchandra Karnik, 54 years, was Rajeev & Rajan's classmate in Parle Tilak Vidyalay. Girish is a Mechanical engineer from VJTI, Mumbai and has over 34 years experience in manufacturing, consulting, project management functions across various reputed organizations. He specializes in Theory of Constraints and has worked with several client organizations to achieve quantum improvements in factory operations & project execution.
He has been recently inducted in the Trust.
Girish & wife Savita have been doing their bit in spreading God's kindness but do not like to talk about it and hope to support the Trust with some ideas & actions.