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General Rules

  • 1) Niramay Adharghar is open for all casts & religions.
  • 2) Admission in Niramay Adharghar will be given preferably to disabled/dependent people above 15 yrs of age.
  • 3) Information regarding the charges/fees which will be taken from the applicant or their relatives is given below.
  • 4) The Trust reserves right to give /refuse admission to the applicant.

Free of cost residential admission scheme.

  • 1) Niramay Adharghar will make arrangements without any cost for people with disabilities who have done social work for more than 15 yrs without any compensation.
  • 2) The social workers who have served in various departments of Rajeev-Rajan Lad Trust for more than 15 years & suffer any disability will be given preference for the free of cost admission scheme.

Rules regarding Financial Transactions.

  • 1) Admission fees, Deposit amount & residential charges for 3 months will be taken from the resident or his/her relatives at the time of taking admission, No interest will be paid on the deposit amount. The balance deposit amount will be refunded to the resident or his/her relative who has signed on the recommendation letter, after settlement of accounts.
  • 2) Current charges are given below.
  •         1) One time admission fees - Rs.2,500/- (Non-Refundable)
  •         2) Deposit amount Rs.7,500/- (Refundable)
  •         3) Monthly residential charges Rs. /-
  •         4) Advance amount Rs.2,500/- is towards personal / medical & hospitalisation expenses of the inmates. Amount of Rs.2,500/- will have to be paid after the advance amount of Rs.2,500/- is utilised.The above cost figure will vary & should be confirmed by the applicant prior to admission.
  • 3) The regular medical expenses & hospitalisation expenses will have to be borne by resident only. If the resident is required to be hospitalised, then the arrangements are to be done by his/her relatives only.
  • 4) All the Inmates will have to pay the monthly fees by 5th of every month. If due to any reason the inmate is not able pay the amount by the 5th of that month, an extra period of one month will be granted to the inmate, if the amount is not paid after that 1 month, the inmate will be sent back. Decision of the trust will be final and needs to be followed.
  • 5) The residential charges will be accepted by Cash, cheque or Demand draft. Cheque or draft will have to be drawn in the name of “RAJEEV-RAJAN LAD TRUST’.
  • 6) In case of the death of the inmate, the deposit should be taken back within 6 months of the death of the inmate. For this the relative needs to submit an application and the ORIGINAL receipt will result in loss of the deposit amount. If the amount is not collected within 6 months, it will be considered as a donation to the trust & will be added to the Trust’s Fund.

Rules regarding medical certificate

  • 1) Inmates should produce the details of disease & family doctor’s certificate at the time of taking admission.
  • 2) Admission will not be granted to the people suffering from infectious deceases such as Aids, Hepatitis-B, tuberculosis etc. The medical certificate should be produced to NIRAMAY ADHARGHAR stating that the person is not suffering from such disease.
  • 3) Admission will not be granted to hysterical people of people who become violent due to the same.
  • 4) The decision regarding admission will be taken after submission of all the medical certificates & examination from the medical officers of the Trust.

Rules for behaviour of Inmates.

  • 1) Inmates will not be allowed to consume Liquor, Tobacco, Cigarette etc. The inmate will be asked to leave Niramay Adharghar if found consuming the same.
  • 2) If any of the inmates is found causing trouble to the other Inmates then that inmate will not be eligible for residing in the Niramay Adharghar. The Niramay Adharghar reserves all rights to ask such inmates to leave the Adharghar.

Other Rules & Regulations.

  • 1) Only Vegetarian food will be provided to the Inmates of Niramay Adharghar.
  • 2) Inmates should not bring any valuable things/Ornaments along. Niramay Adharghar will not be responsible if any resident keeps money with him for minor expenses.
  • 3) The relatives of the Inmates should visit in visiting hours only. Only the persons who have admitted the Inmates should ask for the wellbeing of the resident. Visiting & calling timings are from 4 pm to 6.30 pm only.
  • 4) If for any reason the inmates is taken back home & is not willing to come back then the same should be informed to Niramay Adharghar 15days in advance. Till such time the charges will apply.
  • 5) If any of inmates dies in Niramay Adharghar then all the arrangements for funeral & death certificate will be the responsibility of the relatives of the inmate. The trust will provide guidance for the same if required.
  • 6) The trust will inform regarding the death of the inmate to the relatives. The trust will arrange for funeral if none of relative contacts the trust. The trust will not be responsible in such type of an event. The relatives will be responsible for the expenses incurred.
  • The rules/conditions are binding on the Inmates & their relatives. Changes in these rules/conditions will be done by the trust if required. Such changes are binding on the Inmates & their relatives.