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  • Niramay Adharghar
  • Niramay Adharghar - Future plans

After managing and controlling the activities of Adharghar for 14 years, the trustees have realized that, there are some other needs of the society which have to be urgently looked after on priority basis.

Such needs of the society are:

  • 1.  With the new busy lifestyle of crowded, overpopulated cities, it is very difficult and very costly to properly look after the old, aged people in small houses. The new generation finds it difficult to pay attention and spend quality time with them.
  • 2.  There are many poor people in the villages, who though need not be admitted in the hospitals, but need medical help and services for thier illnesses.
  • 3.  The waiting list of the dependable patients is constantly increasing in Adharghar day by day.

The trustees therfore felt that the society will give full support to the venture where:

  • 1.  an activity similar to that od Rajeev-Rajan Adharghar is started.
  • 2.  old people are looked after with care and affection.
  • 3.  medical services are provided for illnesses of needy people.

Therefore the trustees decided to find a suitable place where such services would be provided under a common roof in separate compartments.

The trustees, after visiting several places, ultimately purchased a piece of land measuring 3 acres in a village named Khairewadi. It is situated near Shikrapur on Pune-Ahmednagar road, about 45 kms from Pune city. The place is neither too much in the interior, nor in the heart of the city. So the place is supposed to meet the requirement of Rajeev-Rajan Lad Trust in full, for its new venture.

Thus the new Niramay Adharghar was formed. For this new project of Niramay Dispensary and Niramay Adharghar a report with a modest estimate of Rs. 3 crore is ready with the Trust.

Future plans of Niramay Adharghar. Phase 2:

After the stability of Phase I of OPD at Niramay Dispensary & around 12 inmates, the trust proposes to go for Phase II to accommodate more inmates. Below is the Phase II plan for the 1+1 storied building. The work will start after the Trust has sufficient reserves in the Bank & demand from society.