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Rajeev - Rajan Lad Trust

A trust namely 'Rajeev-Rajan Lad Trust' was registered as a Public trust in 1984 with resources of a thousand rupees only.

Rajeev and Rajan Lad, the twins, were the center of love and affection of the Lad family. The Trust was formed in the fond memory of the twins after their untimely death in their twenties. Since then this Trust has been the focus of the activities of Mrs. Meera and Mr. Sitaram Lad. The activity called the 'Rajeev Rajan Adharghar' embodies the memories of these two children.

The Trust decided to spend its money and to use its manpower for reducing the agonies and the sufferings of those who have become unfortunate victims of serious non-contagious diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer, SLE etc. and also for those who have become physically dependent on other people for some reason or the other. They are admitted as inmates of Rajeev-Rajan Adharghar.